“Carried Away” Project on SoundCloud Nearing Completion

Over a month of Sundays, Jaques Stemon and I have been building our Album, with my famous hit, “Carried Away” posted on SoundCloud… it’s getting quite a few “loves” from total strangers (I sure love making records with Jaques).

“Carried Away”
© Phil Westfall

I think I’m gettin’ carried away,
The doubts I had before
Don’t matter to me anymore

The games I used to play,
Forgot ’em ‘cuz I see
The difference that she’s been for me

I just can’t believe she’s mine,
She’s magic in a way
That moves me more than words can say

And ah, her eyes they shine
She moves up to me
And everything’s a Mystery

The girl has got me carried away
Away, away
Ridin’ on a love so true
Brand new, and blue
Take me higher, take me away
Baby’s got me carried away

And now I know that she can’t
Hide from me
The feelin’ that took her when she
Tried to see
Inside of me

Baby’s got me carried away, yeah
The ones who came before
Don’t matter to me anymore

And the dues I had to pay,
Forgot ’em ‘cuz I see
The Wonder that our world will be

Baby’s got me carried away
Away, away
Ridin’ on a love so true
Brand new, and blue
Take me higher, take me away
Baby’s got me carried away

Every day,
Baby’s got me carried away
Ah__, baby,
Carry me, takin’ me
Every way,
I gotta say
Girl has got me carried away

JamCatz Every Other Thursday, 7-9pm

JamCatz 050516

JamCatz last night was a blast! 9 of my favorite Catz showed (you might notice one of the 2 ladies in the back, hiding behind her guitar). Simple charts, projected, so we’re all on the same page.

We hold these every other Thursday, 7 to 9 pm. It’s, open, free and beginner-friendly.  Email phil@philwestfall.com to get on the list. More info at http://philwestfall.com/jamz/

2 Cellos at Pikes Peak Center, 04/24/16

2 Cellos 042416 Marquee

A Christmas present to my Callie, we finally got to go.  They’re a very big act, world-renowned.  I’ve seen them on videos at huge venues, with full orchestras and crowds numbering tens of thousands.

Besides the Croatian prodigies Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, they supplemented their sound with drummer Dusan Kranjc — insane!  We could not have asked for more, nor better.

My girl Callie was dancing in the aisles up close to the stage.  The applause was deafening, and all 2,000 of us were on our feet, rockin’ out.  That was a fun show!

A Show Big As The Beatles…

The dudes I wanted to be since I saw them on Ed Sullivan. John Lennon became my biggest hero, promoting Peace: something always unpopular to do.  In any case, these boys nail the originals (including Ed), and now I know what it’s like to watch my all-time favorite band, my life’s biggest musical influence — LIVE. Color me happy, and many kudos to my brother Trey Lecky, who took me there…

Wow, I Finally Saw The Beatles Live!