The GeezerZ Live at the Loft ! ! !

GeezerZ Live at the Loft 100513-A

The GeezerZ band rocked the Loft Venue in Old Colorado City last Saturday, and baby it was a gas!  In proper humility, we must thank Trey and Nancy Lecky’s incredible circle of friends and family.  Fantastic sound by the legendary technician George Lowis simply made the happenin’ happen!  And I am ever-grateful to (pictured from left) Jack McHenry, Trey Lecky, Mike Karzon and Ronnie Bush for the extreme fun ride they have taken me on for the last couple of years.  It just keeps gettin’ better!

Here’s Set 1 from our performance:  The GeezerZ Live at the Loft, Set 1


I’ve also got some video and audio from the same night, but right now, getting the media out there is my biggest problem… I really need a “mediacist” kind of person.

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