The TUNING Thing…

TUNING your guitar can be a huge challenge, and especially important if you’re playing in a style which calls for being in tune.

But electronic tuners make the job easy…

Phil’s Snark Demo

Recent metal styles use Drop D, Drop C# and Drop C a lot.  Then there are those 7-String guitars with a low B – five frets lower in pitch than Standard-Tuned 6th String.

And besides regular E Standard, we often run into Eb Standard, D Standard – I’ve even seen A Standard – no kidding, I swear.  Speakers these days can really handle the low frequencies.  The human ear can only make out tones down to about 20 Hertz (vibrations per second), but we can feel pitches even lower.  Ultra-deep frequencies are felt, rather than heard, and I guess that’s what Bass Drops are all about.

For in-depth info on alternate guitar tunings, you might try going to:

Wikipedia List of Guitar Tunings

Tuning By Ear?

Yes, you really can tune a guitar by ear. Once upon a time, that was the only way guitarists did tune. Follow the steps shown above, and any guitar can be put into tune with itself. The trick is deciding which string you consider in tune, and which string you’re matching up to the in tune string.