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The Best Guitar Shop in Colorado Springs
Music Central

2210 Academy Place

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Music Central, Colorado Springs

Bill St. John, owner of Music Central, is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet (and a fabulous guitarist/drummer). Bill is accompanied by his gracious better half Carol and his crew of full-time service techs. Their service is fantastic, yet very reasonable. They carry a jaw-dropping stock of musical instruments, parts and accessories for every budget. Music Central is easy to find; if you’re facing the main entrance to ProSound on

Academy Place, just look to your right…

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UPDATE:¬† Jennifer Miller just wrote me, so I’m placing this link above their previous page:

“We just published an updated, comprehensive guide on how to approach playing guitar in different genres on our¬†sister site, BeginnerGuitarHQ. It is completely free and you can find it here:”

The UPDATED SITE (click on the pic):

Their Original Site (click on the pic):Steven Neale, whose church band does a lot of outreach to teach kids about music, said one of the kids in his parish turned him onto this — an exceptionally useful resource for guitar beginners, on the Wristband Express site:

…do check ’em out!

Tabs & Charts on the Net

When I’m searching for tabs, my 2 favorite sites (and the 2 biggest) are:
Ultimate Guitar
What makes these sites so great is that there is usually a rating (1-5). The highest-rated tabs stand a better chance of being accurate.


Another great reference, especially for chords, scales and other vital info, is

All Guitar Chords

A Guitarist’s Most Useful App

Psstl Shhhl Don’t tell anyone – this is a SECRET!

After learning the basics, you don’t really need an instructor at all (well sorta not)… all you need is Guitar Pro 6…

BUT HEY, Guitar Pro 7 is out –

BUY it @

(best 59 bucks I ever spent)

Best Backing Tracks

Bob Clayton is the founder and owner of Best Backing Tracks:

Guitar Backing Tracks

A great resource for stringed instrumentalists, well worth checking out.