Chord Chart

This is a Guitar Chord Chart… It corresponds to this view of the guitar:

The Chord Chart Explained…

And so here is a guitar chord chart I made…


The “A” chord form shown is of a type which I usually call First Position Chords.

First 12 Chords for Guitar:


Surprisingly, B7 isn’t as hard to finger on the guitar as it looks; contrarily, F is the chord that millions have quit the guitar over. It needn’t be so. Check out EZ-F:

don’t worry, it’ll sound just fine.
The Musical Alphabet
Chords are named according to the Musical Alphabet which has only 7 letters,


Sing these to the tune of the “Alphabet Song,” but after “G,” sing “A-B-C-D-E-F-G,” again, etc.

It’s a very odd coincidence indeed, that there are 7 majorly discernible intervals in both the musical octave, or sound spectrum, and the colors in the visible light


…it’s like a rainbow!

…a tone and a color both repeat every octave at exactly twice the frequency as


I’m not saying this means there’s a God, but it does make you wonder…