EVERY OTHER THURSDAY, Open and Free, from 7-9 pm (please call/email for details and directions).  Plenty of parking and a comfortable jam space…

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Everyone’s welcome – young, old, guys, gals – come on out and have some fun!  You don’t have to be my student to join us, and it’s FREE!

WHAT TO BRING: Your favorite axxe, even a small amp and electric if you would like.  For your refreshment, we always have bottled waters and some coffee on hand.

HOW: MUCH ? ? ? It’s FREE — well there’s a TIP Jar out, so please donate to The Cause!

PLEASE RSVP Phil at phil@philwestfall.com if you’re coming, as the word has gotten out to googols of players.

GET ON OUR MAILING LIST: Contact Phil at phil@philwestfall.com, call or text (719) 473-4934.

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Phil’s Jamming Philosophy  Lessons are great and all, but the biggest thrill of playing comes from sharing it with others. A student may take lessons for a few months and then lose interest – unless there’s somewhere to go with this… and that’s to a jam.

Our jams bring in to play several important aspects: We play songs everyone’s likely to have heard, and we’ll play the audio recording beforehand if anyone asks. Raised in the harshly critical culture of 20th century music education, I could see why so few people came to jams. Modern research has revealed the inherent musicality in almost everyone. No longer will doing music be reserved to the “expert” few. Here’s my revolutionary philosophy about playing in a nutshell: “Anyone can be a musician. We’re fine players, having fun and improving all the time,” which speaks the attitude of the future.

Simple, lead-sheet charts are provided [see above], that you can print and prepare with, in advance. What’s a chart? It’s a song map in graphic form. At our jams we use the “Lead Sheet” format of song chart almost exclusively. A lead sheet is basically chords on top of lyrics. We’ve worked hard to make these sheets very readable and easy to follow. We have found this format to be the most effective for the modern popular guitar-based music we’re playing together as a group.