Fun Style



Learn to play YOUR music of choice during a fun, relaxed, one hour, one-on-one Session with Phil Westfall.

It’s funny how most things that sound really great on a guitar are fairly easy to play…

…but the guitar is just difficult enough at the beginning, that 9 out of 10 people need some human instruction.

After one gets down a few basics, the guitar becomes easy to get great sounds.

There are basically two ways to teach guitar: Factory Style and Fun Style…

Factory Style Lessons – crank ’em in and out in a half an hour. Do 70 students a week. There’s no time, so make your students learn from a book. Teach ’em the guitar one note at a time, and get on their case if they don’t practice all this boring stuff…

Fun Style – let’s make it a Session! One relaxed hour is about perfect. I like my students to select from the bands they dig – the ones who inspire their desire to play the guitar. We start with the easiest ones. Since most things that sound really great on a guitar are fairly easy to play, we usually take right off. I provide all the necessary charts and cover any applicable theory song-by-song as we go. Thus, my students really do learn the fundamentals of music in general, and the guitar in particular, fairly fast. My students play the guitar because they’re excited about it; practicing just hasn’t been an issue.