blueswine, the band…

Of course, I’m always involved in a lot of music projects, but this one’s especially near and dear to my heart; a new band formed with Trey Lecky (guitar), Jaques Stemon (Drums) and Mike Stansberry (Bass) where I get to focus on  lead/improvisational guitar and vocals at a performance level.  Here are 2 audios I just posted on youtube…

My Visit with a Brother from Childhood…

Kevin Kiner shows how much musical action he can create in only two passes! We grew up together, playing since our pre-teens. He invited me out to his second pad in Maui this past July.

As incredible as his studio sounds are, he’s conducted live orchestral recording sessions for his scores at numerous international locations. Sometimes nothing sounds quite like the real thing, but for my money, this stuff stands as is.

Kevin and his gorgeous wife and business manager of over 3 decades, Mercy, launched their dynasty in Santa Clarita, now splitting their time between north Los Angeles and Maui. Their two sons work with Kiner Productions and their daughter is a freelance graphic artist.

Phil’s Dream Studio-Come-True

In the current, insane rental market, I felt tremendously fortunate to have scored this awesome location, just North of Downtown, near the College, in a super-cool neighborhood.

Just before sound-proofing and moving in…

…and just after.  The place is shaping up nicely — still as big as I needed, and I love where I’m at.  Where do I see myself in five years?  Probably right here 🙂

Phil Westfall’s First Recital…

…came off in style, at the Westside Community Center’s Cottage A.

This video is from the June 30, 2017 Recital and includes all of the performances:

We actually held a second Recital on July 8th.  It was the only way to include everyone, what with summer vacation schedules.

I plan to hold the next Recital this Fall.  I think Fall & Spring will be good times for future events of this kind.

“Carried Away” Project on SoundCloud Nearing Completion

Over a month of Sundays, Jaques Stemon and I have been building our Album, with my famous hit, “Carried Away” posted on SoundCloud… it’s getting quite a few “loves” from total strangers (I sure love making records with Jaques).

“Carried Away”
© Phil Westfall

I think I’m gettin’ carried away,
The doubts I had before
Don’t matter to me anymore

The games I used to play,
Forgot ’em ‘cuz I see
The difference that she’s been for me

I just can’t believe she’s mine,
She’s magic in a way
That moves me more than words can say

And ah, her eyes they shine
She moves up to me
And everything’s a Mystery

The girl has got me carried away
Away, away
Ridin’ on a love so true
Brand new, and blue
Take me higher, take me away
Baby’s got me carried away

And now I know that she can’t
Hide from me
The feelin’ that took her when she
Tried to see
Inside of me

Baby’s got me carried away, yeah
The ones who came before
Don’t matter to me anymore

And the dues I had to pay,
Forgot ’em ‘cuz I see
The Wonder that our world will be

Baby’s got me carried away
Away, away
Ridin’ on a love so true
Brand new, and blue
Take me higher, take me away
Baby’s got me carried away

Every day,
Baby’s got me carried away
Ah__, baby,
Carry me, takin’ me
Every way,
I gotta say
Girl has got me carried away